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Back to Work

  Hey friends and fam! We're back on campus at work from the winter break! Staff Retreat Since ministry gets to be pretty slow over the winter break, the staff typically takes a short retreat to rest and reflect on ministry and our values and vision. I was so thrilled to get to go for the first time this year, although it was a bummer that not all of the staff went due to COVID. For those of us who did go, we took extra precautions the two weeks leading up to the retreat to ensure we didn't bring the illness and spread it to those at the retreat. A good amount of our time was spent just hanging out with the other staff members. It was great to get quality time with the other ministers that I don't get to see or talk to often. It was also a great opportunity to grow closer with the pastors on the UTD team and connect with them in a more personal way than we would over the busyness of the semester. Another big part of the retreat was discussing the book Money and Power by Jac