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Fall is Here!

Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post for this month!  I wanted to take some time to thank my donors for their generosity to allow me to do campus ministry full-time this year. I also appreciate all those who are praying for the ministry and the campus! Ministry and college studies are particularly challenging this year. God has been hard at work this month! Let me catch y'all up (also, sorry for the lack of pictures this week guys).  Core With some of our guys being able to only join us for core every week online, my co-leader (James) and I decided to move our core completely online.  While I definitely preferred being in-person with a small group of guys this year, I don't mind being online if that means our guys are comfortable and safe! So far, we've been casting a vision for the guys what we want core to look like this year: a group of us that aim to be vulnerable and explore our faith together and build strong friendships along the way.  We also spe