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Holidays in the Park!

Hi friends and family!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post for the month!  Ministry has truly been a sweet blessing, and it wouldn't be possible without your generosity.   Holidays in the Park     November was really dominated by our first large event of the year, Holidays in the Park.  In a normal year, we would have multiple large events throughout the year, but because of COVID, we have to scale down on them pretty heavily and change how they're run and structured.  Since we didn't get to do an event for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we decided to put them all together for a whole day of holiday fun and fellowship.  We started off the day at a park in Richardson playing Halloween-themed games and even had a mask decorating contest.  Throughout our time at the park, we had spiritual activities interspersed between park games like cornhole and ultimate frisbee.  A favorite activity (at least for me) was the walk-and-talk where you pair up with someon