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Weeks of Online Welcome

  Hi friends! I can't believe it's been a month since I first started.  It's been a busy month! Welcome Week     Every year most college campuses hold welcome week events for the first two weeks or so of the new school year.  Typically, most welcome week events are in-person and are a great way for students, especially freshmen and transfers, to get involved on campus and make friends.  This year, of course, has been very  different; every event has been moved online.  It's presented some pretty unique challenges for FOCUS: how do we reach out to students online?  What could we do online?  So, we did daily streams on Twitch  (I've linked to UTD FOCUS' Twitch page so you can take a look at what we offered if you like) to give new students an idea of what our ministry is about and almost daily activities online, like Scribblio, an online drawing game like Pictionary, and Among Us, an online version of the card game Mafia (although with a pretty cool video game twi