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Blessings Even in Hardship

Hey friends and fam! Thanks for giving my blog post for February a read! Again, thank you all for your support, both financial and spiritual. God has been moving powerfully in the lives of our students this year, and it wouldn't be without your support! The beginning of the month was a little strange in ministry since the snow storm, but I think God has taught me a lot about ministry in that time that I probably wouldn't learn otherwise. Let's jump in! Snow? In Texas? I think we all know, but it snowed for a few days. My housemates and I were without power for about 3-ish days, so we stayed at my supervisor's house until the power came back on at least somewhat regularly. While it was pretty annoying to be away from our house and stuck not being able to do my usual work, I think God still taught me a lot. My supervisor, Peter, lives with 5 other guys who are a part of (or were at one point) UTD FOCUS. Staying with them for the short time we did gave me a great example o