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A New Chapter

 Hey friends and family!  Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever ministry blog post!  This year is going to be WAY different from previous years of ministry, but God is just as faithful today as He was yesterday.  Let's jump in!     This first week, starting August 1, has been FULL of learning and reading as we began our Old Testament class.  So far, we've read from Genesis to Joshua, in addition to reading a textbook, listening to lectures from Regent College, and attending a class led by our own Brandon Worsham, who directs the ministry as a whole and leads the men's side of the UTD ministry, and Victoria Milian Seiler.  I can't even begin to write here how much I've learned through this study of the Old Testament; we'd truly be here all day.  But, some of the highlights to me have been how important each and every human is to God.  I often glossed over Genesis 1:27 thinking, "Dang, that's pretty cool that we're created in God's imag