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How Have You Experienced the Gospel?

Happy New Year!  The apprenticeship is about halfway over, but I can see God ready to work as the spring semester starts up soon!   Classes The class that we spent most of our time exploring pneumatology (just a fancy word for studying the Holy Spirit).  The bulk of that class was reading through Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God  by Gordon Fee and discussing it as an apprentice group with Peter , my supervisor and one of the senior staff members.  While a lot of the book was over my head, it was good to begin to take a serious, hard look at the Holy Spirit and seeing how Paul understood Him.  It was really cool to see how the Holy Spirit is so integral in uniting the Church as a whole and how He is the mark for salvation, which will lead into our last class of the apprenticeship, Eschatology (which I'm really excited about).  Overall, all the classes we've taken so far (Old Testament Foundations, Financial Stewardship, Evangelism, Pneumatology) have really shaped how I v